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Secondhand September 2020 Vintage Trend Guide

August 29, 2020 3 min read 0 Comments

Top 6 Fashion Trends you need to adopt for Fall 2020!
There is no space for the word ‘Constant’ in the fashion industry. However one thing fashion is, is circular. You can’t predict how long a trend will last, because most of us want to try every "new" and "exciting look".  We're heading into fall 2020 with an ongoing pandemic, an  impending historical and detrimental presidential election, that could very well affect the already "new" , "new normal".  And lastly, an
unstable economy.  With COVID-19 pressing on, I'd say were threading on unstable times. Fashion might just be the pick me up you need!
But wait!  Don't break the bank on trends that only last a season or two before its considered  "out of style".  Yeah, and sure you can always go to Zara and take the easy, and less expensive, route and cop looks days after a runway show.  Its wise to invest in pieces that are unique to you, pieces, you love! Buying vintage pieces have a built in value.  First, it's already 20 years or older, and has already stood the test of time.  Taken care of properly, vintage pieces can be resold, via market places around the web, or at a local consignment shop.   However the ultimate shopping thrill is finding an on trend, one of a kind vintage piece, and most times waaay cheaper than any fast fashion stores, and quality? Chua, forget about it!  Not to mention, the unfair labor practices found in manufactures who supplies fast fashion stores. Buying secondhand or vintage is the best alternative, to  guilt free, fashionably on point unique style.  Check out the top 7 trends and see how we translate today's trends with yesterday's clothes! 

Fall 2020 Vintage Style Hacks
1. Monochromatic Charmer
Looking to adopt an elegant and chic fashion?  Well, Monochromatic is here to give you that ultimate dapper look. Pick a color and pair it with a lighter shade or adopt a single tone from head-to-toe.
                      Vintage Emanuel Ungaro Top, Womens Vintage Chanel Bags
Vince Camuto Crop Green Courdoroy
Photographed by Phil Oh
2. Chains & Ropes Jewelry is vital to upgrade your fashionista appearance, and large chains have proved to be the dominating accessory of all. Be it gold, silver or tortoise ; you can find these chains in belts, jewelry, shoes, or bag straps to give you an exotic fashion appearance. 
Vintage Yves Saint Laurent Clove Hearts Chain Belts
3. Victorian  Victorian style jackets are the epitome of vintage What could be more exciting than to wear an epitome of vintage and classic Victorian jackets?  Once you try it, I’m sure you’ll be obsessed with these mandarin collar, fully buttoned up, and nipped waist victorian jackets and coats.  Look fo a range of colors, floral patterns and textures.

Vintage Dries Van Noten Jackets
Vintage Ralph Lauren Skirt Suit
4. Like a boss trend A ‘Suit’ is generally associated with ‘Like a Boss’ look. Designers have modified this look for women to give a bold yet sassy look. They’ve modified its versions to have something for everyone from bold and vibrant color suits to floral patterns to tailored jumpsuits, and you can find anything to match your style.
Donna Karan Mens Slouchy Blazer
5.  50  Shades of beige and Brown__ The new black Nude is the new classic, and beige is ruling the empire of nude colors. 50 shades of Beige trend has a list of a variety of tones like off white, caramel, cream, and taupe. 
6. Leather 
Primary colors in leather are cool, but colored leather is ultra-chic and kicking. We’re thrilled that designers like Sally Lapointe, Saint Laurent, and Coach have featured colored leather in their  Fall 2020 runway shows.  They’ve created irresistible leather attires in bold colors like ultraviolet, royal blue, and green. 
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