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March 07, 2018 3 min read 0 Comments

We are so excited to announce our Personal Sample Sale Bandit service! 



So here's a few things you"ll need to know about sample sales.  First,  there are two peak seasons, spring and fall!  Also, there are multiple and random sales through out the year, so you"ll be wanting to follow sample sale resources. Three of my favorites are chicmi.com and thestylishcity.com and samplesally.com. Two of my favorite staple sample sale host to follow  are 260samplesales.com and clothingline.com (Please, follow there social media platforms too.) I will do my best in updating the product listing (where you will request a "shop") weekly, there will be limited slots daily so act quick if your favorite brand is having a sale! 

Secondly, not all sales are created equal! Some brands have what the industry calls "true samples". True samples are usually one of's and cut small,  sizes, 2-4( contrary to most beliefs, this is a cost factor, not a sizeism issue.) With that being said, some "true sample" will have no label/a big ol' sample label, and occasionally will have brand label.  Also to note, some not all, will have the final fabrication, texture, finish, color, or even made it to production, which could be a total score if you pride your self on your individual personal style, especially when it comes to handbags or shoes. 

Third, some sample sales are nothing short of your favorite department stores on sale, but better.  Prices vary at these sales, as they are mostly overstock New With Tags (sometimes missing) and or store returns. Prices can fluctuate  at or below wholesale or up to 90% retail, and they vary sale to sale. Again I will do my best to keep an update on the "shop" request listing, but it would behoove of you to follow the calender and frequent sites mentioned above for references, or simply "be in the know" so that you can get the most out of your "shop" expierence! 

Fourth, but just as important. When to shop the sale. As I mentioned above the sales can be overwhelming. However its important to excercise patience and faith. Knowing when to be trigger happy or just waiting for the right time to pop off at a sale! Usually die hard bargain hunters visit a sample sale up to 3 times during the duration. First day prices are either going to be high or low out the gate, so you must go to access the sitiuation.  If the price is right the first day, and theres limited items on the sales floor, you"ll regret not scoring on the first day.  However if the price is right or wrong, and theres plenty of stock, than you can probaly take a chance and wait for 1st or last markdowns, again you have to access the situation and rely on instinct or gut feeling. Usally by the second sale you"ll know if theres a need for either another price drop or get what you can now moment, again rely on gut and instinct.

Lastly, the actual expierence of sample sales can be overwhelming, often times there are long lines, (waiting to get inside)  early morning and or afternoon in not so pleasant weather i.e. snow/rain/heat (all three). Rude and pannicky bargain hunters, resellers, tourist etc. No phones/bags, communal fitting rooms or none at all.  It could be a madhouse, and only the strong survive, or make out like a bandit with the seasons most coveted "it" shoe, bag, or jacket! Sometimes you"ll wait in line and finally get in and there sold out or worse, a total dud of a sale! Which I consider to be a repeat selection of the last sample sale,  and or higher prices than the last sale,  just total lackluster or too many obvisouly damaged selections. More often than not there could be to cult fav sales on the same day and times on either side of town, and you have to be at both at the same time, how is that possible? It ain't........ so you"ll have to sacrifice one over the other, and cross your fingers enroute to the second sale while hoping you made the right decision in the end, but, that theres still some great pieces left!


 In all I'd like to say I look forward to being your Sample Sale Bandit! Head on over to the site and request a Bandit today! 


Be In The Know 

Follow these platforms for daily, weekly sample sales.




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