What we do!

LGV offers you an incredible taste of vintage and preowned women apparel to promote, appreciate, and protect the earth from over consumption, brought on partly by fast fashion. So why not bring something back from the good ol' days? Consciously enjoy high quality, curated, collections of pre-owned contemporary, rescued  and refurbished designer samples, alongside classic and unique vintage pieces!

What you can expect

We provide you an online opportunity to reach fine department store brands designers at up to 90% off retail!  Exciting (Isn’t it?)! Another plus point is we also offer access to NYC sample sales via personal shop requests. 

Our uniqueness lays in three words Reloved, Rescued, and Vintage. Our motto is PreServing the good shit!

Relove gently used, clothing, from top contemporary brands found in department stores. As we pick them by hand and inspect every aspect of the piece to make sure it meets our quality standard. All stock goes through our three step disinfecting process. First, after sourcing, all items are sprayed with our own special blended formula that disinfects and kills any bedbugs, moth eggs etc. this process is done before it gets transported. Step two: off to be laundered at laundromat for cleaning. The final step, we steam to further ensure the removal of any bugs, also to freshen, restore fibers for a ready to wear garment upon arrival!  Choosing used, helps to reduce the carbon footprint, and anti-slave labor fast fashion promotes 

 Rescue overstocks clothing from sample sales, that are destined for the landfill or likely to end up burned if not sold through consumer channels. This surplus of garments are destroyed and puts a major strain on our oceans and planet if not recycled properly.  LGV buys, repairs and refurbishes clothing they may be damaged, or stained, in an effort to reduce the waste of over consumption. 

 Vintage style never goes out of fashion! One of our main goals of is PreServing the history of vintage clothing! Clothing that has already stood the test of time. The small imperfect marks of garment’s already lived life, imperfections and all !  We want to make sure that our buyers and collectors have firm confidence that the age, style, every detail, and condition of the clothing is well represented.

 Finally, we aim to promote a positive image of preloved and vintage clothing as a more unique, sustainable, and environmentally- friendly alternative to fast fashion, and to ensure the availability of made to last clothing for future fashionista globally! 

We strive to provide maximum style on a minimum budget of high quality, classic, secondhand, and vintage clothing for women.

Every time you opt for purchasing used or vintage clothing you bring us one step closer to our mission. 

Thank you for your precious time and visiting our website!

Narai Lucille