This gorgeous Ayr Who's She Hot Dot Dress, is elegant yet playful attire that truly feels like magic to wear. The lightness and airiness of the fabric make the dress a joy to adorn, making you feel as if you've stepped into a gentle summer breeze. Its flattering design and twirly nature make every movement a celebration. The dress features a cinched waist, ensuring that it always sits perfectly on your body, retaining its chic silhouette at all times. The subtle pleats are thoroughly refined, promising to remain intact always, adding a gentle sophistication. The heavenly stretch and comfortabilities of the fabric allow for grace and fluidity, making dressing-up a delightfully easy task. What's more? The polka dot print that decorates this dress is not a regular one - each dot has been drawn by hand, adding a touch of bespoke artistry  making it extra special.

95% Polyester 5% Elastane

Size M

Key Measurements (from size M):

Front Bodice Length (from center front to waist seam): 14 1/4"

Skirt Length (from waist seam to bottom hem): 31 1/2"

Chest Width (1" below armhole): 54"

Sleeve Length (from shoulder seam): 20 1/4"

Sweep: 99"


AYR Who's She Hot Dot Dress Size M

$148.00 $295.00