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PLEASE read details below. 

Check out websites below, for upcoming sample sales, updates, pricing, and looks inside the sales, and book your request!

Download the Chicmi Sample Sales Ap or check out the links below.

 $40 per Shop (Deposit to hold time)

10%  transaction fee of your  total budget

 Multiple Brand S.S. same day will be additional $20 per "Brand" 

Revisits  Additional $30 Per "Shop"/ "Brand" 

1st time shoppers,  transaction fee waved !


Buyer Pays Calculated Shipping

All Deposits must be paid 48 hrs before all request. Additional $10 for same day, last minute request. 

  All Request must be paid via the site. 

You will receive a phone call to confirm shop request, time, and date.

Your BUDGETS should be deposited at least five  hours ahead of scheduled shop request via PayPal, or Venmo.  Please factor in transaction fees. (10% of your budget)

EXAMPLE : Transaction Fee

Your budget $200 + 10% transaction fee. 

  Transaction fee = $20 = $220 you can also factor in shipping, ( I suggest, wait until after completion of "shop" to determine calculated shipping) 

All unspent money (your budget) -minus applicable transaction fee, will be returned same day by 11 PM

If in any case, you decide not to make a purchase, (you are not obligated to purchase!) your total budget will be returned, via PayPal?Venmo. $40 SHOP FEE IS NONREFUNDABLE 

PLEASE NOTE : All Sample Sales are final.

All request must be made 2 days before a sample sale, unless I send out a special alert for last minute/secret sample sale same day service. (As often sample sales may not be listed on the calendar, and are word of mouth, or impromptu.) Please visit my blog for sample sale platforms to follow. 

All items
Items will ship next day. No more than 2 business days. 

If you are,  item specific, please send photo,  and or state the color and specify sizes. ( NOT ALL SAMPLE SALES ALLOW PHOTOS) I suggest being available via, Whatsapp, text, or fb messenger , duo, Facetime (if allowed) on day and time of shop.

Shipping will vary $10-20 depending on size ships Priority and calculated as per postal rates. International rates vary. 

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